Beyonce Opens Up On Twitter With Tour Of Jay-Z Being Announced

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After the fans witnessed the exciting tour of the duo Beyonce and Jay-z in 2014, they have long been eager to witness the rapper and the singer to come up together again to showcase their sizzling performance before them. Recently the fans got mesmerized after the tour list of the superstar got out on the Ticketmaster and the singer’s Facebook page.


Meanwhile, it will not be disheartening to expect the second tour of the superstar duo for a potential stadium tour set to start from July 30 this year. However, the couple neither confirmed nor did they denied any such recent tour putting their fans in mysterious enthusiasm. The venue for the much-touted tour is set to occur in Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field. While the general people have to wait for their ticket bookings till March 12 but the Tidal subscribers can grab their entry tickets starting from Wednesday at 10 a.m.


Related imageIt set ablaze a sad moment for the exciting fans after the tour list was removed off from the singer’s Facebook page and Ticketmaster. Some of the fans were too optimistic about the cancellation of the existing Tour list in view of a new Tour list being charted out while some claimed it to be career saturation for the female singer.

It was “Top Off”, the latest collaboration of the duo among other projects being “Family Feud” and “A Wrinkle in Time”. They have also geared up for “Tom Ford” and “Crazy in Love” in the past proving their mettle worldwide.


Apart from the joint tour news, Beyonce is going to outlay her single performance at Coachella in April 2018. After being pregnant in 2017, the doctors advised her to keep away from a tight schedule in order to attain a successful pregnancy.


Later on, she accepted a fully Vegan diet in view to prepare best for her upcoming show. The decision was also supported by her 112 million followers on Instagram.