Each Life Moment Counts A Ton

Secluded for ten hours a day for ten regular days gave me a tough challenge to accomplish. But, that’s when I came to terms with, Each life moment counts a ton. The realization is simple yet hefty and great phenomena to take place. This life-changing adventure occurred to me when I expected it the least. Good moments always catch us by surprise.

To join a 10-day vipassana course sounds daring at one end and completing it at the other end was arduous. To sit idle and observe my breath took quite a ton from me. Though, after the first three days, I got involved. And that’s when a flower of patience blossomed inside.

Each Life Moment Counts A Ton
Banaras – A Path To Liberation

Every two hours sitting now passed as a few minutes and time seems to be on my side. Singing, being my natural hobby had given me this taste before. Being in tune with myself, I released a lot of weight off my shoulders. I now had a fresh perspective to look at life in its totality. Despite being meditative, I felt lost in my inner world. Breath & focus was few of the powerful tools, I realized.

I now had the audacity to take hold of the tools ahead in my life. Life now seems so wonderful to be in love with me. Each life moment counts a ton now got adeptly ingrained in me. Each moment has something new to reveal in life if I have the courage to look up to it.

Jostled with extra responsibility and vigor, I was intensely fond of myself and my surroundings. Love now seemed to be everywhere I looked on to. I started appreciating my present scenario rather than making judgments about them. Living at the present moment was my utmost duty now. With the focus came the maturity along.

The future or past is dead. The present has life in it. And, in present, we can fulfill ourselves. The basic cause of misery is the plan hanging out in the past or future. That’s why I call it dead. I am now one with myself because I live at present.

Rather than setting up plans for the future or pondering about the past, it is easy to walk on the present. Though breaking up this habit is a little challenging to fulfill. With this understanding of life, I now feel blessed to have got the opportunity of living my life. It now depends on me what I choose. To live it truthfully and peacefully. Each life Moment Counts A Ton, I mean it. What are you up to!!!