Google To Rebrand For Android wear “wear OS” With New “W” Inscribed

Well, Apple might offer the leading smartphone with the enhanced gadgets working platform but Android is undoubtedly the most used platform among the smartphone and smart gear users. With the recent speculation, Google might be on the verge of a Google Pay-style rebranding.


Users pondering upon the latest Android P Developer Preview are set to get the enhanced version of Android wears i.e.,“Wear OS” along with a distinct watch-like logo “W” inscribed on it. While you may not find the new update at the I/O conference in May but it is speculated to be available by the release of the Android P.

After Google Play services referred to Google Pay a few months back, it would not be a surprise for Google to use the Wear OS label. Google taking a step forward might avoid the Android label on its product so as to draw even the iOS users to its platform.


With earlier products being labeled after Android, Google now seems to realize that in order to cater its products to platforms other than Android, it needs to detach itself from the limiting Android label. While Google keeps an eye on pushing the new strategy on its products that are not limited to Android devices.

This will certainly enable the company to vigorously expand its reach among the Apple users as Android wear watches are compatible with iPhones after all.

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After being hit back from the smartwatch market, Google is now finding ways to enhance the market for Android. Given the IDC estimate of Android Wear being virtually absent from the top five contenders of wearable manufacturers in the last quarter of 2017.

Even the Chinese company Huawei made it to the fifth place mainly by its fitness trackers. The Android wears failed to reach heights despite coming up with attractive wristwear.


It is to note significantly that updated software are the key to drive the smart wearables market besides introducing new models with enhanced features.